Andrea Bunch earned her doctorate in Physical Therapy from Northwestern University, and has 16 years of experience helping her yoga students heal, grow strong, and maintain active lives.


She is delighted to offer a holistic approach to rehabilitation and wellness. She combines cutting edge, research-based therapy with mindfulness practices and healthy lifestyle adaptations. 


Andrea is passionate about using education and communication as healing tools. Her students learn anatomy and kinesiology principles that they use to decrease pain, and improve balance and strength. 


Vital Body Yoga clients work together with Andrea to create individual programs that suit each person’s unique lifestyle and goals.

What some happy yoga clients say:

"Dr. Bunch worked with me to strengthen my legs after back surgery. Now, I can use stairs with no pain or worry of falling. My wife and I can get out and do the things we love."


 - Paul.​

"I found muscles I never knew I had!"


- Grace.

"I practiced yoga for years, but I developed shoulder and low back pain in my 40's. Andrea taught me how my joints and muscles are working in the poses. Now, I'm building my practice based on self care instead of achievement of certain poses."


- Miranda.

"I have learned so much about my posture, and how long hours at the computer were making me hurt. We changed how I sit, I get up more often, and I'm getting stronger in my shoulders and back. My pain is better than it has been in a long time."