Dr. Bunch worked with me to strengthen my legs after back surgery. Now, I can use stairs with no pain or worry of falling. Now my wife and I can get out and do the things we love!


I'm consistently challenged to show up for myself on the mat, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Yoga with Andrea is much more than just another class-it's a transformative experience. As a massage therapist and new guitarist, working with her has been an invaluable asset to my ability to do my job and enjoy my off-duty hours. My muscles are much stronger now, and my joints are virtually pain-free! Andrea is a fabulous teacher with a gift for making anatomy relatable, and for making the edge seem attainable. I love learning how to trust my body in such a wonderfully generous, safe space!


Andrea gracefully works through individual problems and specific body parts to the benefit of the whole body and the entire  group. She describes each muscle set and its function, merrily encourages holding poses beyond discomfort, challenges without judgment. She has a unique and flowing approach. Each time I work with Andrea, every inch of me feels better afterward. I feel more alignment, diminished pain and a stronger sense of well-being.


My balance is better...I am much, much stronger and more flexible. This is how I want to age: balanced, strong, and flexible! My wrists feel better, and so does my crazy, cracky neck. Even my sinuses are better. Andrea knows all about the body and which muscles each pose fires up. I always feel better after class, even if I am so exhausted that I can barely there. Andrea, you are an intuitive teacher, and gifted at helping students heal through their yoga practice. You help us find the will to hold a pose a little longer, which gives us a chance to get a little stronger. You are fantastic at helping find alternative poses that are still challenging. When I am doing an alternative pose I never feel bad about doing it. I feel like I am doing the right thing for my body.


Andrea's approach to teaching is warm and nurturing while pushing you past your preconceived barriers. Her guided corrections and hands-on approach ensure proper form and alignment. I learn something new about my body and my practice each class that can be applied to daily living. I highly recommend her classes!


I appreciate Andrea's deep knowledge of the human body and her gentle nature. The combination makes her a gifted healer. Andrea is generous with her time and knowledge. I always leave the class knowing more than when I came in. I suffer from PTSD. I have some internalized anger that I work towards resolving every day. Andrea is teaching me simple healthy ways of moving this old energy  out of my body. I will be forever grateful.


I practiced yoga for years, but I developed shoulder and low back pain in my 40s. Andrea taught me how my joints and muscles are working in the poses.  Now, I'm building my practice based on self-care instead of achievement of certain poses.